Elena Arseneva (Khramtcova)

Assistant Professor (старший преподаватель) in the Mathematics and TCS Program of St. Petersburg State University, Russia. Former Postdoc.

Keywords: Computational Geometry, Algorithms, Data Structures, Voronoi diagrams.
E-mail: elena.khramtsova@gmail.com

Udo Hoffmann

Former Postdoc

Keywords: Combinatorial geometry.
E-mail: udo.hoffmann@ulb.ac.be

Irina Kostitsyna

Assistant professor in the Applied Geometric Algorithms group at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Eindhoven. Former Postdoc.

Keywords: Computational Geometry: Polygons.
E-mail: irina.kostitsyna@ulb.ac.be

Andrew Winslow

Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Former Postdoc.

Keywords: Algorithmic self-assembly, computational geometry
E-mail: andrew.winslow+ulb@gmail.com

Luis Barba

Postdoc at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, working in the group of Professor Emo Welzl. Former PhD student.

E-mail: luis.barba@inf.ethz.ch

Vissarion Fisikopoulos

Senior software engineer at Oracle, working on development of geometric algorithms for GIS in Boost.Geometry to support MySQL. Former Postdoc.

Keywords: Discrete geometry, polyhedral combinatorics
E-mail: vissarion.fysikopoulos@oracle.com

Eglantine Camby

Junior researcher as a postdoc from the Computer Science Department at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium, under the supervision of Martine Labbé. Currently, one-year visitor in HEC Montréal and GERAD, in Canada, under the supervision of Gilles Caporossi. Former PhD student.

E-mail: Eglantine.Camby@ulb.ac.be

Michael Payne

Lecturer, La Trobe University. Former Postdoc.

Keywords: Discrete geometry, geometric graph theory.
E-mail: mpayne@ulb.ac.be

Greg Aloupis

Industry Professor, New York University. Former Chargé de recherches du FNRS (FNRS Postdoctoral Researcher).

Keywords: Computational geometry
E-mail: aloupis.greg@gmail.com

Matias Korman

Visiting Assistant Professor at Tufts. Former Postdoc.

Keywords: Geometric shortest path planning, Memory constrained algorithms, Battery management in ad-hoc networks.
E-mail: Matias.Korman@tufts.edu

Marcin Kaminski

Chargé de recherches du FNRS (FNRS Postdoctoral Researcher).

Keywords: Graph theory, Algorithms.
E-mail: Marcin.Kaminski@ulb.ac.be

Pegah Kamousi

Former Postdoc

Keywords: Probabilistic Optimization, Computational Geometry
E-mail: pegahk@gmail.com

Maria Saumell

Keywords: Computational Geometry
E-mail: maria.saumell.m@gmail.com

Karim Douïeb

Co-Founder - Jetpack.AI. Former PhD student.